No signature

How come my signature doesn’t show up. Or is it just my computer?

We have disabled signatures on the FlightAware forums.

Then why do you show it?

Maybe if they want to enable it sometime in the future…

Why then and not now? Is FA gonna put a word blocker on it for inappropriate sigs?

Signatures suck! Too many people have big signatures that ends to be 4-6 times the length of their postings.

NO SIGNATURES or at least limit them to NON-GRAPHIC signatures.

The signatures used to work a long time ago when I first started. It was kinda annoying. I think the avatars are a good idea though, does the same thing as the signature, makes the poster personally recognizable.
My signature: “There are three very simple rules to making a perfect landing every single time. The only problem is, no one has figured out what they are.”
Too long, I know.