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No information found for flight 4M6443 . Please Advise


Last week we encountered an issue with your services, where we could not track the following flight either from your website or from the XML response.

Flight - 4M6443
Arriving airport - Miami International, FL, USA
Date - March 27, 2014

Though this flight’s information was not available on your website/API, but another site called “FlightStats.com” did show the flight status correctly.

Since we are using your API and relying heavily on the response provided, such incidents impact our services ahead.
Please advise.

The flight is not entirely within our primary coverage areas, even though it is arriving to a U.S. destination. Additionally, that airline (LAN Argentina) has likely not opted-in with the FAA to publishing their via the ASDI interface. International carriers must explicitly opt-in to have their flight information published via one of the major data exchanges that we use. Although we do have some flights from them, we don’t have that particular flight number. We do have plans to greatly increase our coverage of international flights in the coming months, so look for additional improvements in the future.