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No Data to FA


I am getting the below:

pi@raspberrypi : ~ $ sudo piaware-status

PiAware master process (piaware) is running with pid 1203.

PiAware ADS-B client (faup1090) is not running.

PiAware ADS-B UAT client (faup978) is running with pid 2149.

PiAware mlat client (fa-mlat-client) is not running.

Local ADS-B receiver (dump1090-mutabi) is running with pid 583.

Local ADS-B UAT receiver (dump978-fa) is running with pid 2141.

no program appears to be listening for connections on port 30005.

dump978-fa (pid 2141) is listening for connections on port 30978.

faup1090 is NOT connected to the ADS-B receiver.

faup978 is connected to the ADS-B UAT receiver.

piaware is connected to FlightAware.

got ‘couldn’t open socket: cannot assign requested address’

dump1090 is NOT producing data on localhost:30005.

dump978 is producing data on localhost:30978.

Your feeder ID is XXXX (configured at /etc/piaware.conf:10)

Any suggestions?

Why did you change the configuration to receive 978 MHz?

Is that on purpose?

Most likely you changed to UAT/978 MHz reception without knowing that that is not what you want.

To revert to the normal settings:

sudo piaware-config receiver-type rtlsdr
sudo piaware-config uat-receiver-type none
sudo systemctl restart piaware
sudo systemctl restart dump1090-fa
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Stop deleting your posts :slight_smile:

According to the screenshot you misconfigured fr24feed.
It needs to be set to receiver: beast-tcp and host:

Use this, it will fix the fr24feed settings: https://github.com/wiedehopf/adsb-wiki/wiki/Bundle-install-for-dump1090fa

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So did the changes work?
If not, please show this:

sudo journalctl --no-pager -u dump1090-fa

It is not on purpose

Yes, the changes worked!! Thanks for the help. I’m just starting out with this, so I’m learning on the go.