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No data from PiAware

I have noticed there is no data from my PiAware.
I have rebooted it 2 or 3 times and made sure everything is plugged in but there is suddenly just no data.
Is there something I can check to make sure everything is working as expected?
At present, I am only using the small antenna that came with the USB PiAware stick, but, it was seeing some positions.
I saw the antenna had fallen down one day and I put it back up and rebooted everything but I am now seeing no data.
When I browse to the IP address it says I am connected to FlightAware, and that I am connected to the receiver but no recent data has been seen.
Thanks in advance.

It appears that Cupid shot his arrow into your receiver about Valentine’s Day (2-14-19) and it has been bleeding for about 4 days until it died.

When to little antenna fell down did you check that the coax from the antenna wasn’t damaged? Those MCX connectors are junky at best. Possibly it came internally disconnected from the little brass connection. Unconnect the antenna and coax from the Piaware stick, check the connection of the stick into the Pi, and reassemble everything as it’s supposed to be.

I have found that a reboot sometimes doesn’t work correctly. What has worked for me is to power it down for about 10-15 seconds and repower it up and watch for the green light to see if it is booting everything properly.

It looks like you were getting some good numbers on the receiver with that antenna until Cupid shot it.

Of course a better antenna is the answer, but not always practical. (Outside antenna)
Most of the time the hardware (Pi) and the software are bulletproof, but the antenna is the biggest problem.

Hope this helps.

When one of my Pi’s works for a while and then suddenly goes deaf (temporally fixed with a reboot). It has (almost) always been due to the PSU going soft. The exceptions are the USB power cable causing a voltage drop. This can be fixed for a few weeks simply by unplugging and re-plugging both ends.

Are you using a phone charger? They are notorious for short lives when used like this.

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Try one of these power supplies:


Thanks for all the assistance.

Looks like the USB power cable was the culprit.

I switched that out and I am seeing planes again.

Thanks again!