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No data from device

Everything was fine, but now I get no data and can’t see any planes. I have rebooted and checked all connections. Is there any troubleshooting pages or raw dump pages I can use for troubleshooting?

Which device are we talking about?
A FlightFeeder provided by Flightaware or a self driven Raspberry solution?
Based on your profile i would assume a Raspberry, correct?

Did you change something recently? You get the Skyaware map but it’s empty? Any error messages?

Looks like you have issues since several days with lots of gaps in the hourly distribution.
It could also be a dying SD card or issues with your power supply

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yes, PI running ver 5. Map is empty and status.josn says “radio” : {
“status” : “amber”,
“message” : “Connected to Mode S receiver, but no recent data seen”

I also have a ton of "piaware kernel: [1927333.789074] usb 1-1.5: usbfs: usb_submit_urb returned -121 " in the Linux debug file. I will try another power supply.

thank you

It was the power supply. Thank you very much!!!