no receiver data*** (after boot is complete)

hi. new to all this, so please humor me and maybe point me in the right direction…

When I start up piaware, I’ll see some data/aircraft on Skyview for about one minute after boot, and then thats it.
usually its the data in the right side of the screen thats populated with data. only once or twice have I seen
actual aircraft icon’s on the map.

I’ve got an awesome skyview of KDEN and should see traffic almost all day and night.

what I THINK is happening, is that there is a radio config setting that gets applied later in the process that is
making a change to the radio or something related to it. (?)

my PiAware Status Page shows:
Radio- going from green to orange (no recent data msg)
PiAware - green
Flight Aware - green
MLAT - orange, sometimes green (no clock sycro. msg)

My ADS-B Stats page on FA shows everything green and some collected data

I’m running the latest version downloaded and installed this week
RPi 3 model B
DVB rtl-sdr Rx and antenna
2.0A ps

now, considering there is no filtering on this unit (Rx), I did order one of the FA filter equipped radios, to see if that is the ‘problem’
but that thought always brings me back to the fact that I do get data, at boot-up… thats what makes me think there is some sort of config.

I’ve also considered a power supply issue? although I’ve seen many setups with the same equipment, with the use
of a powered usb hub. and I’ve seen before, where the PS was an issue, it just causes the RPi to reboot, which it doesn’t,
in this case.

thoughts, suggestions?


All the radio settings get applied when dump1090-fa starts so it won’t be a timing issue there.

From the piaware logs, piaware sees no traffic after that initial blip; it tries restarting dump1090 periodically but that doesn’t help.

Overall it smells like the dongle is hanging, which is usually a power issue. What’s the power supply? Do you have an alternative one you can try? Does the Pi’s red LED stay solidly on?

LED’s stay on for the Pi and Dongle.

I’ve used this dongle in the past in just the rx mode on a RPi 2, no issues…

I’ll swap out power supplies and maybe a powered usb hub later today.


make changes one at a time, to figure out what it is…

well, started with a PS… found a 3.0A supply… holy cow, green lights across the board and airplanes and data… wooohoo!

odd, as power specs for the RPi3 are the same as 2+…oh well… success!

thanks for your input!

Can i piggyback on this thread? I’m not sure if I have a configuration or a power problem:

I bought a pro stick plus (and antenna from FA). I halted the Pi, replaced the generic DVB stick with the prostick plus and booted the pi. The My adsb page says Feeder checked in, but no flight data is uploaded, even after a few minutes. dump1090 is running at near 100% cpu. I did a restart of dump1090 but nothing changes as far as I can see.
Halting and putting old DVB stick back, and pi is feeding flights within seconds.

I am feeding both FA and FR24, but haven’t looked at the setup for a very long time, so a bit rusty where too look.

My mechanical setup is that I’ve mounted the pro stick plus directly on the antenna, i.e. without any antenna cable, to avoid RF losses. Pro stick plus is connected to a high quality 4 meter USB cable. I believe there is no indicator led on the prostick? Nothing lights up, but it does get hot, so I guess there is power on it.

– Added
Well, it seems it was a power issue - I redid my mechanical setup, connecting the PSP directly to pi’s USB port and connected antenna via lowloss antenna cable and positions are reported just fine now.

piggybacking is okay, imho…I’m swapping out a dvb for a FApro today… if it arrives as the Postoffice says…
so it’s all relative


Got the dongle today and it’s working great. huge difference. worth it, IMHO

might check out the thread on level settings… in the fullness of time.