No data-feed


My receiver sends an hour ago no data and I do not know why.
Many receivers close to me have probably the same problem. Status Last seen: Today.
What can be wrong?

Greetings Marcus

see this thread…

no answers from the admin yet…

It should be fixed now. Obj said there was a database hiccup that’s now resolved.

Been off seven hours for me, shows FlightFeeder box as ‘live’ but no data feed. The box shows five ‘greens’ and the bytes sent is ticking up. I can see live data locally, but it’s obviously not getting to Flightaware.

I see your FF was down from 2am - 8am UTC, but it seems to be back now. The timing suggests it is an unrelated problem as that was several hours after the piaware endpoint problem (plus current FFs use a different endpoint anyway)

Not working since 15 hours
“Anomaly report for PiAware feeder with a MAC address of…”

Other nearby receiver are working fine now.
VirtualRadarServer and other radar feeder are working too.

OK thanks, it’s all fine now, I did restart the box when I noticed the outage. Violent thunderstorms through the night were the probable cause.

I don’t see any recent connection attempts from you; please check the piaware logs locally, it is probably unrelated to the DB problem.

I think it’s working now.
My raspberry did not start properly.
Know it’s 1:00 am. No planes around Berlin.
We will see tomorrow. :slight_smile:

It took me seven hours to install dump and piaware again.
Your instructions did not work as it should.
Don’t know why.

1 hour later: dump is not running !!!
It’s frustrating…

New installation, no changes…
It works for 1 hour and then “no ADS-B data programm seen listening…”

dump1090 randomly crashing usually means a power or USB problem. Check “dmesg” output for USB problems.

Another new installation.
It’s running now.

MAC address has changed.
Must this be changed? (Site Identifier)

Your MAC address should not change unless you have changed hardware, assuming you are using a Raspberry Pi. If you’re not using a Pi, then you will need to diagnose the problem yourself, I can’t provide much help for other systems.

Regardless, I think you need to stop reinstalling and start explaining what you’re doing. If you reinstall every time there is a problem, you destroy any diagnostic information that could help fix the problem.

I’m using a Raspberry.
MAC Adress starts with 74:DA…

FlightAware Support here.

Looking at your PiAware feed, for EDDT, you were online from 8th to 11th February and then offline until today.

The MAC address for this PiAware feed doesn’t begin “74:DA”. I may be looking at the wrong account?

You can view your statistics by selecting My ADS-B in your FlightAware account.

Raspberry Pi MAC addresses start with b8:27:eb and are found from the Pi’s CPU serial number which does not change.
You should be looking at the MAC address for eth0 even if you are using wireless; the wireless MAC address is not used.

Ah, ok.
MAC from eth0 is correct.