No Alerts


Been trying for a week to get set up to receive alerts while tracking Allegiants new a319.

N301nv was one of my alerts as some insideer who works at G4 told me that it was suppose to make its first showing here in Vegas this weekend.

Now I see it flew to Southern California yesterday and I never got an alert for it.

What’s wrong?

I didn’t get either an email or a push to my iPhone.

I’ve tried two different email address. Ive logged in and out several times. I get the notices that I’ve reached the limit of alerts but I never get a real alert sent to me or posted on the page.

Can someone set it up for themselves and then email me at edited if the a/c moves today!!



The alerts are based on the identifier from the filed flight plan. In this instance the flight was filed under a flight number(AAY9930) and not the actual tail number, which is the reason the no alerts were sent out.

I do see that you are maxed out for your flight alerts since are you currently set up for 5 ongoing alerts. You can always edit your latest alert for N301NV or remove an unwanted alert by clicking on your My Alerts link at the top of the site. If you need access to a higher volume of alerts and saved aircraft, you may want to look into one of our Premium Account options.


Flight number Period Email Address Apple iOS
ActiveAny flight To KLAS and flying A333 equipment Indefinite Operating the Flight
ActiveRegistration/Tail # N301NV Indefinite Operating the Flight Meeting the Flight
ActiveRegistration/Tail # N849VA 02/09/2013 to 07/12/2013 Operating the Flight Meeting the Flight
ActiveRegistration/Tail # N475UA Indefinite Advanced Options Advanced Options
ActiveRegistration/Tail # N908NN

I have 5 set up to track various tail numbers and not one is working. Everything I try doesn’t help. I have even signed up using a different email and still nothing.

I have the iphone app and I have it set to send push notices and still nothing.

I have not ever received even one…

I’d love to get this working,



You must specify alerts by operating ident. In the case of airline flights that’s airline and flight number, not tail number.