Nice Booth at NBAA!

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to quickly drop by and say that FlightAware had an interesting booth at NBAA! It looked really great and was nice to see them there. I had to leave the show early (Airlined home this afternoon), however I wanted to say good job.


Take a pic of it and show us!

Maybe that’s where I should go to pick up on hot chicks. :wink:

Yeah really was that some kind of promotional thing? :wink:

Hey guys, it’s been a hectic week.

From left to right across the picture: Karl (head behind the cinema display), Daniel, Samera, some spokesmodel visiting, Alison (our spokesmodel), another visiting spokesmodel, Kim (our spokesmodel), and my hands/legs sticking out.

We had a great 3 days at NBAA, did a lot of business, got a lot of ideas for future products, and had a lot of “I love you site” visitors.

And that’s me located conveniently behind the camera taking the picture.

A few more (other FA folks may post some)
Mark (mduell) between Kim & Alison
David (Nugget) & Allison
Karl & Samera

If you look carefully, everyone has FlightAware “wings” on.

OK, before I make a comment, is anyone else having issues with the pics the folks from FA have posted?

As in, not showing up…

I’m seeing them nice and clear.

It’s just you Pik, you forgot to pay your dues!

STUPID $#&(&$!(#$&!##$(%$(&^q#$((#!@&(&@#($&(#@% browser…

Hmm…not working on IE7 or Firefox…

Working ok in FireFox for me!

WOOHOO!! Just figured it out. For some stupid, moronic, unknown reason, they won’t load on my browser at work. How lame is that. Then again, this is the same filter that occassionally will take and block it as porn. Gotta love Novell!!

I guy I know was trying to order Christmas gifts last year from his work computer. He wanted to get his son a bicycle from Dick’s Sporting Goods.
He didn’t know the website was
He tried something else, and got his computer locked up. Had to explain to IT why he was looking at porn on his work computer.

Nice booth guys! Did you get a lot of business or at least name recognition?

Many companies have resorted to a blanket blocking of images on websites. Cuts down on the sexual harassment lawsuits from the secretaries when they accidentally see you trolling the porn sites! Maybe your computer is doing you a favor, pika!! :smiling_imp: Seriously, my daughter (who attends an online school) has a computer that is “guarded” by ContentProtect. Talk about your pain in the ass!! It selectively blocks out topics in THIS forum for “Pornography” reasons. Other times it blocks it out because it’s a “Chat Site,” and sometimes it doesn’t block certain discussions at all. You can’t go to ANY news or sports website that has article links or feedback because they’re considered to be chat sites.

Nice Pics, FA crew. Looks like a lot of fun. Too bad I was here, and you were there… :confused:

I am truly amazed that NOBODY has said a thing about the females in the pictures on here, especially ipod, boeing, or even needle (why I threw in needle is beyond me. Just sounded good).

OK, nice booth and I know that there is one FBO here at RVS that is looking into the new services.

Nice booth and nice eye-candy.

How’s that?

(I may be old, but I’m not dead!)