NFL Chargers/Saints To London

can anyone confirm?

why not just fly into heathrow, luton or stansted? it’s a lot closer to Wembley than gatwick.

It’s probably because NW has facilities at Gatwick.

And there’s nothing wrong with sitting on the M25 while riding a bus from Gatwick to North London either.



They probably had to go to central London for PR stuff anyway. And I bet traffic wasn’t too bad when the Bills arrived (after 9AM).

Doesn’t take much to amuse you, eh? :slight_smile:

Yes, see this thread already started about it, dunno about the airport arrival part.


Saints also booked their normal 763 (although maybe a 767-300ER this time) … /KMSY/EGKK

to carry office staff, media and cheerleaders.

A 747 into KSAN? That’s about as rare as it gets these days. Glad I’ll be in town to see this one…

Now enroute to SAN, lifted off at 6:08 west coast time, reported to be N624US, … /EGKK/KSAN

I didn’t realize NWA still had passenger 747-200s.

Quickburn: If possible, if you see the aircraft could you report the registration? Thanks in advance.

That will screw up rush hour traffic on I-5 when people see that big bird heading towards them. I would expect underwear sales to spike in San Diego tonight and tomorrow. :laughing:

Now that is the flight I want to be on! Wanna rehearse those cheers one more time??? :laughing:

was the game televised on US tv? I searched but coiuldn’t find anything. I remember last year, the news stations where talking about it and had live reports. maybe the economy overshadowed the event.

Yes it was on Us Television it was one of the early games at 1200 Pm CST on CBS.

NW’s last B742 scheduled pax flight was last summer (SPN-NRT I think). I think they planned on having them either retired or converted to Freighter by now, but with ATA going under they’ve found enough work for them in the long range high capacity passenger charter market.

i forgot they showed sports on there. i checked abc, nbc and the espns

Here is a pic of their takeoff from Gatwick back to the States