"NatWest 3" Flight to US


Anyone know if this flight to Houston is trackable?



My guess is that they would be on either Continental or British, probably the former, because they both have nonstops to IAH from Gatwick (EGKK).

I also checked arrivals in HOU for larger business jets such as Gulfstreams. Any that looked like they were candidates (i.e. they came from some place on/near the east coast) I checked to see what the previous flights were. I didn’t find anything. I did the same thing for IAH, EFD, SGR, and LVJ and the results were no go. The search was also conduced in the “En Route/Scheduled To” section .

Then, I re-read the article. They are, with 99.9999999999% certainty, on a commercial flight (emphasis mine):

BBC correspondent Jon Brain, speaking by telephone from aboard the plane, said **the men had been seated at the back of the aircraft - before other passengers had been allowed to board **- and were surrounded by air marshals.

Of course, they could have also flown on a blocked aircraft.


HERE is i story with a pic of the Continental 777 departing with the three on board.

Edit to add that based on the times in the story (arrive Houston ~8:10BST), it was This flight.


Here’s all flights from EGKK to KIAH

Only four choices for direct flights. All 777, and only one Continental that has arrived.


Seems the airline really wanted these guys off their aircraft. They made it from London to Housto in less than 2 hours!


Also, this thread is as good of a place as any to add that based on the date, I suspect that This flight was Mr. Lay’s last ride on a private jet.

I have no further proof, just a feeling


That flight was two days after his death. Are you saying they transported his body or that Ken Lay is Alive and Well? :wink:


Yes, alive and well and has moved into a double wide outside Houston with Elvis.


Or, as it was put on Leno last night on Celebrity Jeopardy -

-Catagory: TV Reality Shows
-Answer: Hells Kitchen
Correct question: Where Ken Lay is currently employed.


Deja vu! Jreeves said the same thing and I almost said the same thing.


Is that one of those new low cost carriers?




Owned and operated by the same company that runs the “gentlemen’s” establishment of the same name.


Isn’t the Mustang Ranch a subsidiary of said company?


Didn’t Hooters try that? I don’t think it really took off.


THAT’S that problem - they didn’t take it off!