I was in my car listening to a local radio station here in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada today (8 Aug.) and heard a caller to a local call in show refer to your web site. As soon as I got home I checked it out and was impressed with the site. I immediately registered and spent a couple of hours checking out all the good stuff. I look forward to logging in often and, having looked at some of the posts, look forward to the day when you will have greater Canadian coverage. Keep up the good work. I’ll be sending your url to a list of my aviation buff friends.

Welcome aboard! Most everyone is friendly here and enjoys discussing a good topic. We look forward to exchanging ideas with our Canadian counterparts. :smiley:

A few unwritten rules you must always remember (so as to not perturb certain individuals here):

  1. Always use correct English spelling and grammar. You will hear about it if you don’t.

  2. No matter how famous YOU think someone is, ALWAYS give a proper descriptor of the person when mentioning the name (examples: “The King of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley”, “The Golf Pro Tiger Woods”, “The Boxing Promoter Don King”, “The Rock Legend Gene Simmons”, “The Female Half of the 1960’s Singing Duo ‘Sonny & Cher’ Cher”, etc.). I just tried to get by with simply “Gene Simmons”, and got taken to task for it :blush:

  3. Always post links/URLs to specific information you’re providing from the Internet. When quoting regulations, give part, chapter and verse.

  4. Never stay on topic for more than 4 posted messages. A 5th consecutive post regarding the same topic within the same thread is unprecidented and is believed to cause the entire fabric of the universe to unravel! It’s okay to get back on topic later (although it rarely ever does).

There are a few other unwritten rules around here, but you’ll pick up on them as you go along.

The one most important thing you must always remember is never ever (under any circumstances) ask a question that has already been posted here in the forums! You should read all posts ever written here to be sure a topic has not already been covered before posting a question. If this seems like too much to ask, then at least try using the search feature here and/or Google to see if the information can be obtained on your own.

I only mention these to help you get along with some of the more “crankier” members here… Hope you don’t think I’m being an @$$… :smiley:

Thanks NN, I’ll try to be a good boy.