Newbie Questions

Newbie Questions

  1. Can’t SSH to the PiAware?
  • I’m using Putty default port is 22
  1. Not receiving signal from passing airplane, how to troubleshoot?
  • Already have the antenna up high for good line of site


Do you have sshd enabled? You can easily do it with ‘sudo raspi-config’. Are you trying to ssh using IP address or host name? Try by IP address and if that works, make sure you have the host name entered correctly in your computer’s hosts file.

Run ‘sudo piaware-status’ on your Pi and see what the results are. Should look like this:

dump1090 is running.
faup1090 is not running.
piaware is running.
dump1090 is listening for connections on port 30005.
dump1090 is listening for connections on port 10001.
piaware is connected to port 10001.
piaware is connected to FlightAware.
dump1090 is producing data on port 30005.
dump1090 is producing data on port 10001.

Is the SSHD enabled by default when the box is shipped out? Or I need to physically connect a USB keyboard to PiAware and enable it first?

SSHD is not enabled by default. You’ll need to hook up a keyboard and monitor/TV to run ‘sudo raspi-config’ and turn on SSHD. While you’re doing that you also want to expand your file system and maybe even overclock your Pi to 800 Mhz. With a keyboard and monitor attached you can also run ‘sudo piaware-status’ to make sure you are sending data to FlightAware.

This isn’t correct – sshd is enabled by default with PiAware. Username pi password raspberry

Just to clarify – are you really asking about PiAware (you built your own) or FlightFeeder (the FlightAware ADS-B appliance)? Your account shows a FlightFeeder, which doesn’t have ssh since it’s FlightAware-managed:

Can you provide more information about the reception problem you’re having and how you’re seeing it?

Sorry. My mistake. It’s not in stock Raspbian.

  • Yes I have a feeder from you guys. I have it up and running since Nov. 20.

  • On an average we get around 20-30 incoming/outgoing flights, just wondering why my Feeder has only detected “1” since Nov 20.

  • So I’m wondering if the system is working ok, and reason why I asked how to SSH inside the PiAware

  • Also I can’t access the web interface (dump1090) after the box has been on for a while. Need to reboot it, to gain access again.


Hi. I upgraded the box to the latest software and reflashed the radio board. It all appears to be working, like the radio gets calibrated properly and comes up and dump1090 is running, etc, but I agree nothing is coming in.

The next thing would be could you check all your antenna connectors? We may need to send you a new unit.

Yesterday I checked the antenna to make sure their is no loose connection and has good contact. Seems to be okey. Will let it sit the whole night and see if it tracks anything until tomorrow morning.

My feeder has been up and streaming data to the server for a week now. So far no luck in tracking tracking any planes that has gone by. Starting to wonder if my feeder is faulty.

Also what does this mean “Last Seen” and “Live” does this pertain to

  • Aircraft that was last tracked?
  • Last time the feeder was seen online and streaming data to the server

Mine indicates aoczon “Last Seen 20-Nov-2014”

It doesn’t look like it’s connected. Can you try unplugging it and plugging it back in?

Internet is up, flightfeeder monitor also says link is up. ADS-B statistics status says feeder always feeds updates.

Try reseating the USB wire inside. i had the same problem and I noticed that apart from the wire being damaged it had come off the RF Blade

On the topic of newbie questions:

What do the color codes on user names or feed data mean? In the screen shot above, one of the numbers are yellow. I often see blue and brown as well. Sometimes the entire row of a user will be yellow or brown.

On the stats ranking, we highlight your row.

On the list of nearby sites, we highlight the highest performing site.