New Stealth Helicopter??


Looking at these pictures of the wreckage of the helicopter that crashed during the Bin Laden raid, it looks like the tail rotor assembly, but of nothing that I’ve seen before. News articles I’ve read report that people claimed to have not been able to hear the copters till they were overhead. Could this be a New Stealth Version of a Blackhawk? Could be a vast improvement over “The Quiet One” made for Vietnam. Also would explain why they were so quick to blow it up too!


Definitely not a Blackhawk…



Not a conventional one, anyway…


The proposed outline from the picture looks like it might just be a modified blackhawk.


It is absolutely 100 percent a Black Hawk - they all start out as UH-60’s and it’s just one of many variants - tentatively ‘Stealth Nightstalker’.


In other articles it has been already reported that they have to use modified Blackhawks in that region because of the altitude.


Bloomberg Article with many links - describing the ‘Low Observable Black Hawk’ and the actual crash.