New "SHADY" Army Spy Plane?


Spotted this in Florida the other day:

It seems to come back to this new Army spy plane

The SHADY66 made me chuckle.

What do you think?


Some tracking history on SHADY

SHADY UH-1N 30th SPW, Vandenberg AFB, CA
SHADY RQ-5B/MQ-5, B/224 MI BN Ft Stewart GA
SHADY MC-12W, 224 MI Bn Hunter AAF GA

The MC-12 isn’t all that provocative.

MC-12W Liberty
USAF version modified for the Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) role; 8 King Air 350s and 29 King Air 350ERs. In service since June 2009 in Iraq and Afghanistan. Currently being transferred to US Army.

Sat behind one on departure from KALB a few years ago…

Here’s some fun with callsigns


Not really all that strange,lot’s of new birds all the time and SHADY was revived callsign from OV-10 Broncos,who did the same thing years ago.