New slots DCA/LGA


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Because I always find it funny when a congressional leader or senator in this case get their panties in a bunch trying to get to IAD…which really isn’t a difficult airport to get to but this topic makes the news at least once a year around here.



Good idea. I think slots are crappy anyways. And if they are going to have slots, why limit the distance that can be flown?


The original intent of the restrictions, established in 1966 to promote the development of traffic at airports such Washington Dulles, Baltimore and Newark, has ceased to be relevant. Proponents of the perimeters have argued they also help limit noise at DCA and LGA, which are located near heavily populated urban areas.

I don’t think Dulles, BWI and Newark need promotion of development of traffic any more. I mean Dulles is building a new runway to handle the traffic it has. And how the hell can the origin city of a plane control it’s noise? :unamused:
Yeah, the limitations are archaic and need to be abolished.