LGA Perimeter Rule


Would it be better if the 1500 mile perimeter rule for LGA were to be repealed? If so, what would be the effects of this ruling???


The airport authority is now looking at demanding higher average seat counts.

I think it would make more sense to auction off the slots at LGA to the highest bidder. Right now it’s a mess of grandfathered transcon slots and RJs to Bumpkinsville. Let the airlines pick where they want to fly and what equipment they want to do it with. No one is going to use their multimillion dollar slot to run an ERJ to Louisville when they can run a 757 to Dallas.


It should be abolished immediately. It’s not up to the government to tell an airline where it can fly to from an airport (talking domestically here). It’s not different than the crap that the government imposed on Love Field in Dallas, which was, although done badly, finally abolished.