New photo layout

I like it, when I first saw it I thought it would be like the new flickr, but it looks good and loads quick on my old computer!!


I like it too! Hopefully people will comment at a higher quality than on YouTube.


I just noticed the new comment option below the photo, how will someone know if a comment was posted on their photo?


[username] / account / notifications / “Tell me when someone comments on a photo I’ve uploaded”

EDIT: Although the check-box is there to activate photo-comment notifications, it doesn’t work. You can check it, then press ‘save’ but it doesn’t stick. The next time you login, it’s unchecked again.


Thanks! Guess it’s a work in progress, another issue is when you look at newest photos and view one then want to return to that page , it goes to all photos instead of newest.


I really like it… And the new comment feature will be nice also…