How long does it take photo comments to show up?


:question: I’ve noticed that my squawk comments show up right away, but when I post a comment on a photo, I don’t see it come up on the page. I’ve also checked “recent comments” on the photo dropdown list, and never see my recent comments show up. Is there something I’m missing? :question:


Over 100 people have read this post and nobody has answered the question. What gives? I’m new to this site, and was just wondering if there is some prerequisite I need to fulfill in order to comment on photos here.

Anyone?? … *Anyone??? *… Beuller???




smacks forehead OF COURSE! I should have known… :laughing:


… and thanks for the fish.


One of the FlightAware staff has emailed me and between us we determined that it’s the fault of my abysmal company-wide, outdated browser which Big Brother says we are not allowed to update. So the mystery has been solved, and all you folks that were staying up nights worrying that I couldn’t comment on photos can rest easy again in the arms of Morpheus.

…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :smiling_imp: