New Link to FAA Type Code List


For those of us who like to track flights by aircraft type code here is the new link. … capda.html

The FAA in their infinite wisdom decided to make the new link about twice as long and of course they couldn’t just re-route me to the new link from the old one. I had to spend the better part of two hrs to dig the new link out :unamused: …our tax $$ at work :slight_smile:

5/14/07: Fixed the link.


Your link doesn’t work. :wink:

You can look up aircraft types at assuming at least one aircraft of that type is in the air.


Link doesn’t work. Why not just go to … lications/ and select the version (PDF or HTML) of the Contractions handbook that youlike?


…and, as reported elsewhere, to add to one of those publications, a new register has just been created in Europe with a new prefix, M- for the Isle of Man (where you ask?) Probably to be used on a tax concession basis like the VP-C and VP-B registers.

So FA, what process needs to take place to get these tracked?



Ah well…missed a “-” in the link :blush: Let’s try again. … capda.html

And thanks for those other links!