"By Aircraft Type" tracking

Is it possible to put in a drop down box with all the aircraft codes listed for tracking by aircraft type? I have tried a few times to use this function and more often than not I get frustrated and have to try another way (airport arrivals or departures) as I don’t know the a/c type code.

PS- the “view more emoticons” button doesn’t work.

Eventually it will appear as a text search (like we have for airlines and airports) in the Flight Tracker box to the left of the page.

The FAA and AOPA each have a list of aircraft type codes online, I just can’t come up with the right query terms at the moment.

The FAA’s Type Code DEcoder is here. (http://www.faa.gov/ATpubs/CNT/5-2.htm).

The FAA’s Type Code ENcoder is here. (http://www.faa.gov/ATpubs/CNT/5-1.htm)

Its a really long list, but there are more different type of airplanes than most people realize. But at least they are ALL there!

I consider that a feature.

PS- the “view more emoticons” button doesn’t work.

Not important - more important to devote time to working on improving current features and creating new ones.

Here’s what I use:


Try this one for rotorcraft:


I think I got these from someone on this board in another thread.
Again they are long lists but it only takes a few seconds to load them…even on my ancient machine.