Aircraft type four-letter codes

Is there a list of the codes used for the different aircraft types published anywhere?

Does help? (found under the option Live Tracking - Aircraft type)

The list given above will only show currently active aircraft. For a complete list of the codes please see FAA publication JO 7340.2A “Contractions”. You can also download it as a PDF.

Chapter 5 is what you want.

As indicated by the publication’s name, you will also get other contractions used by the FAA.

Other FAA publications are available at

Thanks for that, but what I’m looking for is a table which enables me to find out what four-letter code is being used for a certain aircraft type. For example, I recently uploaded a photograph of Beagle B206 Bassett N181WW and it took a lot of searching before I found the correct code for this type to be BASS.

Thanks Damiross, that’s just what I’m after. You’re reply crossed with my previous one.