New instructions not working

following the instructions on section 2 of this page all of a sudden it won’t download the latest package using this method.

we get the students to do it this way rather than use the image because they use there pis for other things and teaches the coding.

Please can someone help


The site is working. May be during copy-paste the wget command, some part at beginning or end was left out.

Just to test, I copy-pasted the wget command in terminal-emulator in my Android Phone, and could get the .deb file. Please see screenshot below:

Im getting

E:Unable to locate package ??

I have used this method to install before and it worked fine

FlightAware have been redirecting HTTP connections to HTTPS connections with plans on removing all unencrypted connections in the future.

I wonder if this problem has something to do with the migrating to HTTPS. I have heard of a few things breaking with https migration but not this part.

Try wget with https:// instead of http://
http is connected over port 80
https is connected over port 443