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New Install - Pi3 Screen Freezes

I feel likeI am SO close … But my Pi3 loads and stops per the attached screenshot.

What do you think I have done wrong?

Using the Vilros USB device.

Many thanks.

That all looks normal, barring you not actually receiving any data. Check your antenna and antenna cabling.

What is this?

Just received an automated email - FlightAware sees my setup - apparently you were correct - all is well.

I was “expecting” to see the live aviation map on my Pi … But now see I go to that site on another computer.

(Vilros is a brand name for a USB stick they sold/bundled with Stratus software.)

I was looking for a “detailed” explanation of the config text files on my SD Card … I thought that maybe I had messed it up somehow.

Thank you for your quick reply! This is excitng …

a live map is available on the Pi, but then you will need to install a graphical interface on it and access it through browser.

If you cannot or want not to install this, you will need a second device (can be any device with browser) to access the map.

Please excuse this next question - I have only been involved with computers for 30 years …

I burned this image onto a fresh SD card. SO - that is all that is on that card.

Can this program be installed on an SD card that has Raspian on it? SO that I can run PiAware and also access Raspian and its browser?

Or do I need to “dedicate” a Pi only for PiAware?

Your assistance is marvelous - thank you.

Clint Bradford

Yes, follow the instructions for a package install at https://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/install

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