New ILS program?

Hey all,

     I caught the very end (about 10 seconds) of a discussion on CNBC this morning about a company, I presume (as I said, it was CNBC) that has created a new type of ILS that would reduce separation distance requirements (i.e. delays) for instrument landings.  As it was the veeery end of the discussion, I didn't get a company name or any details of it.   :confused: Anyone either see the discussion or know what "new" IL system they may have been talking about?  Sorry for such vague details.  


Could it have been Microwave Landing System?

Just a thought- though MLS seems to have been replaced by GPS before it ever really “got off the ground”.

I have no freaking idea. This is literally what I heard:

Host: So this is actually some GOOD NEWS for the airlines?
Guest: Yes, this new Instrument Landing System will help reduce the “distancing” needed between aircraft, which will obviously help to reduce some of the delays we in the Northeast are all familiar with.

Host(comments modified somewhat): Well, thanks, Chip!! Now that we’ve peaked the interests of at least one viewer out there, let’s not talk about it for the rest of the day!! :wink:

Seriously, though. I’m gonna have to check CNBC’s website and do a search. If I find anything, I’ll post it here for those curious about it.

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Anyway, MLS never went anywhere, and I doubt it ever will. I havent heard of any new ILS system, the only thing remotely similar is WAAS capability giving ILS-like precision without the ILS hardware in place. Sound like what you heard?

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Saw something on the news the other day that might (actually) relate to the topic…WAY up there at the top of this thread.

The new system was related to ground stops and delays caused by weather. the article said that as it is now, there are often delays caused by weather that stop a lot of airplanes that could otherwise make the flight without a problem. For instance, if theres a storm moving into the northeast area from the west, a ORD-BOS flight will be held, but a MCO-BOS flight will be able to navigate direct to the airport without being delayed.

I didnt read all of the article, but it sounds like what the thread author may have seen originally.

so when all is said and done, have separation times or distances changed?

Is it possible they were talking about LPV?