Quick question for those of you with more updated avionics than I get to use, have you ever had a RAIM or Fault detection alert? how often and how long do they last?



Never seen a fault alert and only seen RAIM alerts a couple of times for a few seconds. There is a way to look ahead for RAIM integrity at your time of approach/landing, which is when it matters most.


The only time in the last…couple of years, that I’ve lost RAIM was one late night east of ELP/INK when “they” were conducting secret squirrel stuff at White Sands

Thanks for the input. We are debating updating our airplane, whether to go with just FMS/GPS or also change the INS’s for new laser INUs that would be able to input to the FMS. I don’t think we have room for both the old INS units and new FMSs. I know which way I would go and I know which way the CP is leaning. I’m also pretty sure who is going to win that argument :confused:


Probably depends on what the guy with the $$$ tells the CP, no matter what his opinion is.

With the flying that you do and where… ya gotta go big or go home…IMHO… Especially since it’s becoming a RNAV/RNP world…

yeah, well the $$$$ and the CP have the same view on spending money…


For or against? Ask the $$$$ and the CP what their asses are worth!

lol. What we have works, just not exactly up to date. The excuse has always been “we’re getting a new airplane soon” so why spend the money. Been hearing that for 11 years. One way or the other, as soon as the economy starts to improve I’m out. Time to spend more time with the family.

I Strongly agree, Get the FMS w/ GPS AND Inertial input. If we found room in a 30 series Lear for INS, Dual FMS/GPS, HF etc… You can make it fit.

Personally I agree with all of you. But when the CP talks about “the old timers” he learned from 40 years ago, and would be perfectly happy flying that way…what can you do. I’ve suggested, cajoled, emailed brochures etc. to no avail. The boss did make an offer on a G4 last month, but it was under contract by the time our offer got there. so here we sit.

Best of luck in changing their minds John, there’s little else we can offer.

Thanks for all the input, and advise. I wish we were looking for the best airplane instead of the cheapest!

Yes…Good luck John… It can be tough when the “old timers” resist technological, procedural, and regulatory change. :unamused:

Tell the boss it’s cheaper to buy a late model G-IV!

or tell him it’s cheaper to fly commercial, but safer to fly in a G-IV.

I have seen a RAIM failure once in ten years. I knew it was coming when we did a predictive RAIM check prior to an approach. It was good VMC so we just let the boxes do their thing while shooting a visual approach. At the point the boxes said they would lose RAIM, they did. Kind of nice to see that on a good weather day.
I have had several IRS/IRU failures.

update: (not surprising either)
“No updates this year”
The company made an offer on a G4 about a month ago, but it was already under contract by the time our offer was made. No further rumors either.


Sorry to hear that John… :frowning:

Damn! Keep pushing John, hopefully they’ll “get it” sooner rather than later.