New Format

I generally like the new format, I wish I could shrink the side panel.
Also the new format is dropping the last digit in the times, i.e. 23:07 becomes 23:0.
I’ve noticed your clock does not always calculate enroute times correctly. Check the flight history of CPA873, Its more than a 7 hour flight from SFO to Hong Kong. I’m guessing it has trouble when using local time and UTC and/or crossing the international date line. OR is it about 7 hours when the flight leaves US ATC control, and is your software then showing the flight as having arrived?
Looks like things are moving along nicely, thanks for all the time and effort in setting this up.

Hi, porterjet. We just fixed the glitch with 24-hour time removing the last minute from the time display on airport pages. Thanks for the heads up.

Great new look! Keep up the good work!

You got it; ~7 hours is the time until the flight leaves US controlled/observed airspace.

New format looks great- thanks for all the cool updates and features!

One request- wondering if it would be possible to make the *estimated/scheduled *times in something more bold or different than just italics. At a glance, it’s a little tough to differentiate between italics and non-italics. Different colors or boldface instead of italics perhaps?

Thanks a bunch!!

Discussion Forum pages look great too.

One minor request: Since many (most?) of us read messages from top down, could you add View previous topic :: View next topic to below the last message as well as above the first?

Just want to say " LOOKS REALLY GREAT!"

New format is cool. However, the light grey text is hard to read. I would like darker color text, easier to read.

Light grey text on blue is extremely difficult to read. Woudl you guys consider using darker colour text on blue?

Where do you see light gray on blue?

Enjoy the new format, love to see where my folks have flown too or if they have returned home. I also track my planes when they got o america or head home. I get a laugh over the ‘unkown result’ remarks. Enjoy the discussion room also, great place to see what others think.

The new format is fine, but when I tried the airport info link, it seems there is a lot less info. I really miss the item that gave you distance between the airport selected and another that you could enter. Perhaps that feature is located somewhere else, if so could you tell me how to access it. thanks, Lansen

When you expand Arrival (more) or Departure (more), the text on the blue header bar is grey.

This should be fixed.

Just noticed some interface problems with the “don’t know airport code” lookup link:

  1. If used from the discussions page, it seems not to work- it never “guesses” an airport.

  2. If used from the live tracking pages, and the text entered does not resolve to any vaild airports, the error message “No matches; are you sure you spelled that correctly?” will not go away without a page reload. To compound the problem, the message displays over the “Don’t know Link” preventing another try.

Using Netscape 8.1, tried in Firefox and IE mode.
Also tried native IE 6.0 sp2 with similair resullts.

Thanks for all your work!

I’ve run into a format annoyance. Because the major links are now on the left side of the page and not the top, the forum text width is diminished. With text wrap, ordinarily there’s no problem.

Until … someone posts a URL longer that the maximum viewable width. Then you get a horizontal scroll bar and EVERY message wraps to the new width. It’s really a pain to read those topics, scrolling right and left for every line and following lines.

This was a bit of a problem with the old format, but the wider available viewing window meant that the scroll bar wasn’t activated as often.

Is there any way to force a URL into multi-line mode? E-mail viewers tend to have that capability.

We can encourage people to use the url bbcode for links and correct it when they don’t; that should alleviate the problem.

I like the new format except for a couple of things.

  • The links for airports and aircraft (e.g. KATL, C56X) should be in a darker color.
  • The links no longer change colors when clicked. I found this to be a useful when looking at, say, an airport screen. I was able to tell if I had already clicked on a link recently.

Hi all, Just wanted to add a few comments on the new look. I do like the new look however with the request boxes now along the left the departure boxes no longer fit fully on the screen. Would it be possible to move those boxes back on top of the departure and arrival areas?
Also, when a airport was brought up and you could scroll to the bottom of the page there would be a link for more airport info and this would take you to the airnav site for that airport. I no longer can find this link at the bottom. Can this be added back in please?


Hi, Scott.

Thanks for your feedback. What resolution are you running on your computer display? (Display Settings under Control Panels, usually). If it’s at least 1024x768, you should be able to see everything without a horizontal scroll bar.

Also, when a airport was brought up and you could scroll to the bottom of the page there would be a link for more airport info and this would take you to the airnav site for that airport. I no longer can find this link at the bottom. Can this be added back in please?

We now link to FlightAware’s airport resources section for airport information, which deprecates the AirNav link. Anything lacking such as runway information, frequencies, FBO information, etc, will be handled soon & you can already use FlightAware’s superior interface to airport diagrams and terminal procedures.

Great new format! This is great site and its been so much easier making FS build flight plans with the data. Thanks and keep up the good work-Joe