NEW FlightFeeder: FlightAware ADS-B Receiver Static IP ?

Hi everyone,

My first post here at Flight Aware. I just received the FlightAware, FlightFeeder ADS-B Receiver package and have been setting it up. I would like to assign a static IP for the FlightFeeder box, as I like to keep my network well organized. How do I access the FlightFeeder network config to set it up for a static IP ?

I’m currently hosting a Flight Radar 24 system, and have that ADS-B antenna on-top of my 50 foot tower. I will be placing the FlightFeeder antenna on the same tower. I currently receive over 400 Km in all directions from my towers location in Mississauga, just west of Toronto, Canada. I am 16 Km from CYYZ and in line with runways 6R and 6L and have full line of sight ground coverage of the CYYZ airfield.

You are welcome to check out my website which profiles the installation. I will be updating the website to also include the Flight Aware system installation.

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The current FlightFeeder release doesn’t support static IPs, but you could make a reservation on your DHCP server so the FlightFeeder’s MAC address always gets the same IP.

Just to clarify, the FlightFeeder does support a static IP if assigned by your router/DHCP server. You can set it up on your router/DHCP server via the MAC address printed on the bottom of the FlightFeeder.

Thanks guys, yeah that’s a good walk-around … I’ll do it that way then.