IP Address on Dashboard



Transferred my feeder yesterday to a new location. Old location had to many GSM inference causing the feeder to not track the planes. Feeder was working fine yesterday after I installed it.

This morning I noticed on my dashboard what it was not feeding any data. Noticed also that the Internet IP and the local IP did not coincide what the IP address being released by the router to the feeder. I can’t telnet directly to the box since the Feeder is managed by flightaware.

What to do?



Have you tried rebooting the feeder? Perhaps the local IP is cached and this might refresh the cache.


Yes already rebooted it twice


The easiest way to check the status of your flight feeder is to go to your personal ADSB stats page.

The other ways to check is by using a web browser to the IP of the flight feeder on port 8080 OR by connecting a HDMI monitor to the device.


Hi aoczon,

Please follow up with David through the response he sent to your email for case 37121. It’s easier for us to track replies there than in the forums here.