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New feature? Database in sqlite

Would it be possible for the PIAware software to incorporate either it’s own database or the basestation.sqb file to log aircraft so that we have a record of what we’ve received for future reference please. The basestation.sqb is a standard sqlite database and has standard data fields.

Thank you

There are already solutions for your request.
You can either use a script which logs the data in a MySQL DB or a CSV file
Or you can install an instance of VirtualRadar Server which does exactly what you’re asking for.

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Many thanks Foxhunter for your information. I’ve downloaded VRS, just a case of accessing my Pi and installing it. I have just purchased my Pi so everything is a new experience for me. Hopefully I won’t make a mess of it.

I have this solution working since months, because i also wanted to have an easy way for a database collecting the aircraft and flights passing my receiver.

The DB format is SQLite, there are plenty of tools available to access it.
In addition VRS offers a reporting function.

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It’s a good idea to use VRS, I have found that most of the records in the .sqb are incorrect, aircraft de-registered or transferred to another country.

The StandingData.sqb is updated every night with the most current information. Also the user community is reporting flight corrections

Thank you for the info re updates of sqb file. cheers.