New Condor "Towel" Livery

German carrier Condor released a new livery on four of their aircraft.
Beside orange and green they also have red and blue

Looks like they are entering a new stage in the famous “towel war at the pool chair” where germans are famous for :rofl:

All images © by aviationtolouse via aerotelegraph


You will have to get up early to catch one :rofl:


You sure that wasn’t an April Fool’s Day joke? :laughing:

Yes, i am sure. The one with orange strips already flew to and from Greece yesterday. The pictures are not photoshopped

Seat reservations are made by putting the towel on it.

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I’m curious if there will be also new uniforms in the same style? :rofl:

First flight attendant pictures are leaked:


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Those seem to be sourced from a penitentiary. They come in black, orange and red.

Condor refers their livery to the fact that it’s known as charter for vacation trips. They wanted to related to the typical beach towels.

Not sure if they went too far :wink: