Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental in New Boeing Livery . . .


The new orange Boeing livery on the first 747-8 Click Here.


Somebody’s brother-in-law must have had a “deal” on orange paint. The blue scheme is much better in my always-so-very-humble opinion.


How 'bout if they stretched the upper deck back to the vertical stab. :wink:


It’s funny how aircraft age, the B747 just looks dated, the new Airbus A380 looks very modern. Your photo caught me off guard though, I thought for a second they had stretched it!!!

Best Boeing sticks to the B787 and whatever they do with the B737.

Kind of like bizjets - the Falcon 10 and the Jetstars still look cool, the Citation 500, Sabre’s, Falcon 50 look dated!!


I have to agree. The B748 looks like a cross between a -400 and -200 in the front (if you notice, the forward section of a -200 appears longer than a -400), and Beluga/Dreamlifter in the back, with raked B787 engines… If these are the same Trents that almost blew up at a client presentation, I seriously hope they got those issues resolved before this beast flies…



747-8 is GEnx only, no Trent option.


Send that pic to Boeing! :wink: