New Arrow UP Symbol


Does anyone know what the arrow up symbol with a dot under it is that pops up under the zoom symbols ??


When it’s just the up arrow with the dot (aviation symbol for obstruction, we chose it for its antenna-like appearance), you’re connected to a server that’ll send you continuous position updates. When you see lightning bolts near the antenna, you’re receiving live updates. We may change the symbol in the future.


Thanks You !!!


but it is not ‘live’ like that instant, correct?

I ask because heavies out of LAX head over our house @ 25-30K, and when they are directly over our house, on FA, they show about 40 MN southeast of us…about 5 min delay still. And the lightning bolts are showing.

from the FAQs one would expect some delay (30 sec-5 min).



The amount of delay will vary depending on the data source that the position comes from.

The lightning bolt indicator doesn’t necessarily reflect the age of the data… just that it’s being streamed to your browser.