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New Antenna 20DB - 2.5mhz to 60mhz

Hello, I ordered this new antenna from Taobao and I am looking forward to installing at my site. I am still not able to get the MLAT with the standard one and I believe this has to do with my reception.

If anyone knows about it and can send me a feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Unfortunately, that antenna will not be of any use for ADSB reception.
It is an HF frequency antenna and as it says only goes up to 60MHz. ADSB is at 1090MHz.


That’s an HF receiving aerial, not especially good at HF and utterly useless for ADS-B.


I think your MLAT problem is not your antenna but the fact there are no nearby receivers to MLAT against. You need 4 receivers to MLAT but it seems you only have one neighbour less than 150km away. See:


From my understanding MLAT has nothing directly to do with the antenna

The frequency used on this antenna would not work as ADS-B is at 1090MHz

I have installed the new antenna and it works great. Much better than the original one from the stick. I now have MLAT detecting once but as the other fellow said, it has nothing to do with the type of receiver device we use. Thanks for those that read and commented.

Great, congratulations.
Can you post the photo of the “original one from the stick”? Thanks.


Now imagine how well it will do with an aerial that’s actually designed for the frequency that you want to receive.


identical to this one.

Replace the tip with a piece of copper or similar in the appropriate length.
There is a DIY guide from @abcd567 in the other threads about antennas

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You can improve mag-mount whip antenna’s performance by following three simple steps. Each step is independent of other and gives good improvement. All 3 together will be better, but first one (metal plate/food-can) is more important.

  1. Placing it over a metallic (preferably iron/steel) plate or food-can
  2. Un-screw the whip and use a thin copper or steel wire of length shown in photo below
  3. Try different location of antenna. Generally placing antenna near an outer window or outer wall improves reception.


Thin wire, such as wires of a scrap Network Cable RJ45, are suitable for making the DIY whip shown in above photos


The best thing about mag-base antennas is they take up very little space in your rubbish bin.
The are useful to get you started and are convenient for portability, but they are a third rate antenna at best.
@nigelpull has just discovered the very cheap PCB antennas are vastly better than his mag-base

Vast improvement is a combined effect of:

(1) A better antenna (PCB vs Magmount whip)
(2) A better coax (RG-58 of PCB vs RG-174 of mag-mount)