UAT 978mhz

Ok so i have my Pi up and running and I only have 978mhz. my question is can I also run MLAT and see other planes besides 978mhz? If so how do I go about configuring the file to do so. Thank you.

If you want to receive both 978MHz and 1090MHz, you will need two dongles and (usually) two antennas. A single receiver can’t hear both frequencies simultaneously.

mlat (as implemented) is 1090MHz only, used for aircraft that are transmitting Mode S on 1090MHz but which don’t have a full 1090MHz ADS-B transponder.

Gotcha. I just saw the MLAT was enabled wasn’t for sure if I could receive it or not. Will my Pi handle 2 dongles and antenna. I have no more slots on the board or will I need a usb hub

RPI 4 will handle two dongles. Usually dark blue FA stick (LNA + filter) for 1090, orange FA stick (LNA-only) for 978 works best. FA 978 and FA 1090 antennas also probably still the best bang for the buck.

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