Need to build time, looking fun/beautiful midwest airports


Would really appreciate any recommendations on some favorite midwestern destinations preferably within 150 - 200 nm from KCID.


I can’t say it’s terribly fun or beautiful but for it size it has large runways and a VOR on field, Jacksonville IL (KIJX). One that you might fiind interesting is Quincy IL (KUIN). There is a company that has 2 MiG29s (one airworthy) a MiG21 and about a dozen L-39s. I don’t think you can get terribly close but it is kinda cool taking off and seeing a couple twin tail MiGs sitting on the ramp!


Our airport, MCW, is in your range and has two large nice runways open for you. It is not unusual to see warbirds passing through here from time to time, with an old Beech 18 parked on the ramp.


150-200nm should take you clear across Iowa. You could try KCBF, where they are just aching for people to try out their new runway 18/36. Or if you’d like to jump around the class C, you could sneak in between KOMA and KOFF, and head over to KMLE. Nice little airport there in the western part of town.

KCBF would put you in proximity to KOFF, which the Omaha TRACON is there, let alone STRATCOM. If given enough notification, you could arrange a tour (they were still offering them a year ago)…



If you reallllly want to push your distance, go to KJYR (York, NE) and do the “$100 Hamburger” at Chances R. Best burger around imho!! (The FBO there used to have a free shuttle car to get you there, not sure if they still do)


I second KCBF. I’m an instrument student there and it’s a really nice airport. Also, with pushing your distance, you outta try KOFK I had a dang good chicken fried steak there.


Well Hax we’re pretty far from your original post but could also recommend Lunken Airport (KLUK) in CIncinnati.
Built in 1929 on farmer Lunkens’ property, visited by both Rickenbacher and Doolittle, intersteing old school terminal, birthplace of American Airlines and has a nice resturaunt, the Sky Galley on the terminal ramp.
KLUK is surrounded by a 5-mile paved walk/run/bike/skate path that skirts along the Little Miami River. As I hang out on this path, I often hear pilots answer “Restaurant.” when asked to say parking.



Might be a bit further than you desire, but a great little airport, lots of interesting warbirds and the largest collection of tri-motors around.


If you are still looking there is a neat little restaurant in Lone Rock Wisconsin (KLNR) and a pretty nice restaurant in Sheboygan Wisconsin (KSBM). I have had really positive experiences flying into both.


An aircraft is a magic carpet. Stretch your wings and try Mackinac Island, Michigan.