Evaluating Flight Schools in Olathe, KS - Any help


Looking at KCAC, Air Associates (KOJC) and KC Flight (KIXD)

Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) with any of these.

KCAC offers diamonds and pipers and is the most expensive
Air Associates offers 172s and is a little bit cheeper
KC flight offers a 152 and 172 and is the least expensive.




Your biggest priority is to find an instructor that you “click” with and who listens to you. Try out different schools, talk to the instructors, ask how many students they have sent for check rides and the pass rate. You need to feel comfortable and not like you’re being milked for flight time and money.

As for aircraft, fly the simplest, cheapest aircraft they have. The glass cockpit is nice, but you need to be looking outside the airplane. You’ll have plenty of time to fly the sleek, gadget filled airplanes later. Right now, you want a basic airplane with a minimum of distractions. There’s a reason that thousands and thousands of pilots have trained in the 152/172. It just works.

Good luck and have fun.


Tom at KC Flight is a good instructor. I took lessons from him when he was up at FLV (Leavenworth). His 152 is a good plane to learn in. I got about 12 hrs instruction from him before I just ran out of available time.

KCAC is a quality operation, and if price is not as much an issue, then you would be happy there. They’ve got more instructors to fit your schedule. I’ll probably go back to them when I resume pursuit of my license.

I don’t know as much about Air Assoc on the other side at OJC except they do hold a fair number of FAA safety seminars there.

KCAC use to have some nice Warriors that I think would be a better plane to learn in (for me) than the 152.

Hope this helps some.



Interesting observation. I learned in Cessnas, but gave approx 500 hours of dual in various Pipers (as well as another 1000 in Cessnas). I still prefer a Cessna, but the Piper does a fine job. Certainly roomier than a 152!