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Need help checking live API data


A few years ago I built a custom flight tracker map which is running off the FlightAware API. It seemed to be all good but now I’m seeing some inconsistencies. The number of planes on my map are much lower than what I think I should be seeing.

It’s all filtered on the engine type/manufacturer of the planes.

My question is - can I filter by engine type/manufacturer on the FlightAware website? To directly compare the numbers on FlightAware’s map to my own?

p.s. Sorry if this is in the wrong category

I don’t think we have any web pages that display live aircraft by engine type, only aircraft type. If you can identify what the primary types of aircraft that use that engine are then you can probably get pretty close to what you’re looking for. For example: https://flightaware.com/live/aircrafttype/BE20

Thanks for the response.

Due to the business sensitivity of the issue we are experiencing we will be raising this via the support email address.