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Nearest Airport Stats location error

Hi all,

I’m a new feeder station in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

In the feeder user stats how if the nearest Airport given to the feeder determined ? I live in Mississauga exactly 15 Km west of CYYZ Toronto Pearson International Airport, the busiest Airport in Canada.

To my surprise the stats somehow picked the closest Airport to my location as CZBA, which is out in the country and looks to be used by small aircraft only.

I checked the distance between my location and these 2 airports, which are in opposite directions from my home base location. CYYZ is 15 Km to the nearest runway and CZBA was 15.3 Km.

So can CZBA be changed to CYYZ for my stats ?


I’ve updated your site. Possibly our lat/lon for CYYZ is on the other side of the field, which made the other airport appear closer.

Very much appreciated, thanks !