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Closest Airport Not Found

When trying to set the nearest airport when configuring my feeder, or adding airports to My FlightAware page I am unable to add the actual nearest airport. The airport has the identifier CNF4 and is located just outside Lindsay, Ontario, Canada. I realize it is a small municipal airport with no regular airline service, but it is used by private aircraft and Ornge (Patient transport via helicopter in Ontario). I was wondering why this is? :woozy_face:

Maybe because it has not got a IATA or ICAO code, and it is not in the database?

While it may not have a IATA (no airlines) nor a ICAO code it does have a TC (Transport Canada) LID (Location Identifier) code. As the airport is in Canada I would think that would be the most important one.

Right now we only list ICAO airports. You’re not the first to mention this issue to us and it’s something we want to fix. Problem is it’s one of those things that might seem easy, but will take a significant amount of development time.

You’re right it does seem like it should be trivial to add other location identifier codes, but do understand that sometimes the easiest appearing modification is the hardest to implement. However, I was wondering if there is an estimated timeline of when this feature would be added? 1 month, 1 year, 10 years?

It’s a multi-team project, so it’s hard to say. Certainly less than 10 years I’d hope!