Ability to change nearest airport code


I know from the interface I can change to a different nearest airport code from the drop down. My nearest airport recently has upgraded to an ICAO designation. Yet this is not available from the drop down. Is there a way to manually change in a database somewhere or do I wait to see if Flightaware updates the drop down some time down the road?


What’s the code change?


Hanover-Saugeen (Hanover, Ontario, Canada) airport. CPN4 is now CYHS.


Realize this is likely low on the priority list, but is it do-able? :question: I see another question from a fellow in Manitoba on the same issue.

Like to see CYHS as an option.



Yep, that’s me! Looking for CJA3 to be added – especially since I am Canadian and would like a Canadian choice if possible :slight_smile:



Airport has been added. Let me know if that doesn’t fix it.


Yay! Thanks! Morden airport is now on the map :slight_smile:


That has CYHS on line as well. Thanks very much for this. :smiley:


My local (closest municipal airport (just a registered runway) is CKJ2, but of course not in the drop down list in piaware. Is there a way to input this code manually via CLI or ssh etc?


Please send our support team an e-mail at contact@flightaware.com and they can check if the airport needs to be added in our database.


Done. Small municipal airstrip in question does not have the services FlightAware uses as a minimal requirment to be on the list.
Might do some investigation on cost of updating the registration for this site early in the year.