My ADS-B Page - Control Panel - Nearest Airport not listed

Hello FlightAware community,

I just finished building a PiAware receiver and have successfully linked it to my FlightAware account – however when I went to configure my Control Panel, my home airport (which is ME2) does not appear in the drop down box as a choice for my nearest airport.

Since ME2 is a public use airport (as shown on the aeronautical sectional chart), does anyone know how I can get it added in to my choices of nearest airports? Thanks,

Andrew Patterson

The strange thing about Cutler Regional is that it has no IATA or ICAO identifier.
I do no know if Flight Aware can put it in the list without those identifiers.

We can not add airports on the list without an ICAO or IATA identifier.

The closest airport doesn’t affect your ADSB stats in any way. It is only reported on your ADSB stats page for reference.