Newcomer now with 2 feeders stat page for new not correct


Hi All,

Mid December I got my first feeder up and running, yesterday I got my second feeder up and running.
Each of them is in a different country.

I see both feeders on My ADS-B status page, but for both I see the map for the first feeder - how come? I would have expected a map for each (I know this i sa smile issue, but I one don’t ask one will not know!)

Then for the second feeder under ‘site information’ the field for nearest airport is empty - how come?

Then for the second feeder under Statistics I see 58 airplanes reported, but under ‘Flights’ there is no information.

Last - again for the new feeder then under Near-by ADS-B sites there is no information - how come?

Cheers Steen


They’re both there. There’s buttons under the graph to switch.


Hi baker,

Thanks for your reply, but perhaps I was not clear in my initial question.

Yes, there are two “buttons” under the map, when I press the “button” for the new location then the map remains the same, I assumed the map would change when the corresponding “button” was selected…

Then under ‘Site Information’ for the new location the field ‘Nearest Airport’ is blank (see attached screenshot ‘LCA’) while under the old site the ‘Nearest Airport’ field is populated. (see screen shot ‘BLA’

Then for the new site the fields ‘Flights’ and ‘Nearby ADS-B sites’ is blank, but they are populated under the old site.

For the new site the field ‘Last Known Position’ remains empty, even I have tried to add the location.

Cheers Steen


Try checking the location of your feeders now. We’ve made some backend changes today to the automatic location computation.


Yup, works!

Map now shows my two feeder locations and all fields are now populated!