Near mid-air caught on video.

CLICK HERE from LiveLeak, aircraft on final, has an aircraft cut right in front of him at the 50 second mark.

So much for calling a turn to final

Wow, few comments.

First solo, pilot seemed remarkably calm, looked somewhat indecisive whether to follow him him in or go around guaging from handling the throttle. From the engine sounds, look like he finally decided to go around and setup for a another approach. Good for him.

Second, I tried for the life of me follow that plane that cut the solo pilot off. Looked like that plane was way left of center line on final and couldn’t decide what happened to it. I followed it all the way to 1:16

Thirdly must have been some serious cross winds for a first time solo?? In his round out (not flare!) at 1:54, he went from runway center line to nearly landing left of the runway edge. Did a great job correcting for the right crosswind all the way down and nearly lost it in the round out.

For a first solo, kudos for that pilot. Way too much drama above and beyond driving an airplane by oneself for the first time :smiley:


We don’t know enough information to say that.

Was the airport controlled? 2 runways makes me think it was a controlled airport as he landed on 21 left. Title says misunderstood clearance as well which makes me think it was a controlled airport.


Who said it was a first solo?

Title page in movie file in blue screen :smiley:

Well in that case, what the hell is a student pilot on his first solo doing screwing around with a camera while flying? Maybe if he kept his eyes outside instead of fiddling with the camera on final he would have seen/heard the other guy in the pattern behind him.

Agreed on the camera aspect above as i don’t muck with a camera on takeoff or landings myself. I delegate that to the passenger or camera stays on the back seat.

I don’t think that plane was on final as described. It came left to right and turned final so in this case (pause the video, real clear to see), I don’t think the camera would have been a mitigating factor.

First time student solo, could have easily missed a call especially if he was “cleared to land”. Maybe both planes were cleared to land, we really don’t know. Or if uncontrolled, maybe NORDO.

All 20/20 quarterbacking based on text of the opening movie and what I see, sure would be nice to hear the “rest of the story”…

Thankfully it was near miss and we have something to mull over :smiley:


Exactly :exclamation:

Flying a pattern sized for a light plane vs a Lear Jet would help also.

Did you watch the video? If so, what brought you to this enlightning conclusion?

We are talking about a student on his first solo.


Looked like a Diamond. Why did he land in the passing lane? :stuck_out_tongue:

wow that was nuts