Departing IFR from an Uncontrolled Airport.

The forecasters missed it by a mile yesterday (November 30th) and I had to fly in some pretty bad stuff.

I picked up my clearance from SoCal Approach on my cell phone then called Chino ground (7 miles away) for a release. The video camera was on the dash and rolling for this. Look at this page and the November 30, 2007 video.

Sure hope you put it up on You Tube. Real Media is the pits in my experiences.


I second that… I have Real and couldn’t get it to work. Also, no offense, but maybe you can post these in the general/member videos thread. I very much like your videos and sound capture.

It’s to long for You Tube!

I’ve never had a issue with RealPlayer but I un-check all the pre-checked boxes when I load it.

How about Real Alternative? It gets good reviews.

Worked fine with Real for me.

Over 10 minutes? Wow, my attention span doesn’t last that long anyway. I find at least for me, that anything longer then 5 minutes of flying without a sound track (music) is too long.

Lately, I try to keep the length no longer then 2 1/2 minutes if it’s just a flying video without music.

If it’s a landing, most people are interested in the landing aspect so for me, as of late, base to final to landing is the most I include.

Of course you are talking an instrument approach and even on my instrument approaches in IMC, I only include from the final approach fix (FAF) to landing as anything longer really stretches the attention span for me. Average time I find from the final approach fix to landing is about 3 to 4 minutes.

If you are talking a problem with file size, then what I do is create a WMV file in Windows Movie Maker and compress it below the 100 meg limit.

BTW, You Tube now allows up to 1 Gig in prep for higher resolution videos, but I think the 10 minute 59 second rule still applies.


Well, I didn’t make this for the guy who rides the short school bus.

Here is one I put on You Tube. Don’t watch this video I made two weeks ago because it’s 9:58 long. No music either. Just read the comments. As I see it people do like a longer video.

This is one of my shortest and it’s on You Tube with a music track.

5:50, 196 reviews with 4 stars and over 22,000 views. It does start of slow like the music but gets better.

That’s not very nice to be saying people ride on the short bus. Shouldn’t be how pilots speak to each other. If you can’t accept someone trying to help you then leave because we don’t need any stuck up people who think they know it all.

I think it was a joke.

What phone number do you use for SoCal Approach? I usually have to call Flight Service to get my clearance when I don’t have radio contact. I’m also curious why you don’t get your clearance from Chino ground if you can talk with them by radio.


You can get a clearance for any SoCal Approach airport by calling the clearance delivery desk at 800-448-3724.

Chino ground says they are not allowed to relay a clearance for an aircraft departing Corona.

Frank Holbert

Frank, Love the videos please keep them coming!!! notice you’re into corona quite a bit did you happen to know the people involved in the mid-air this past weekend?

I’m based at Corona. I knew guy who rented the Cessna 150. Several of us, including him, flew to Borrego Springs for lunch the weekend before.


May they RIP.

While we’re on it, i watched a lot of fholbert’s movies, they are nice and there are loads of them, i had to install an older player of realplayer to get them working on my mac, but it worked (with realplayer version 10) I’m also curious how do i look when i’m in the plane !!

But my question is, i’m going to the USA to get my FAA ratings, but the darned radio conversations! I understand only half of it, is there some site i can listen in so i can try to get a hold of it ?

Try It has links to real time ATC.

You can also try this: COMM1 Radio Simulator. By posting the link here, I am not endorsing or not endorsing the software available. There is no relationship between me and the company in any way, shape, or form. No warranty, expressed or otherwise, is implied by clicking on the link. Rinse, lather, repeat. Jeremiah was a bulldog and not a good friend of mine.

You can listen all day to
I would choose a general aviation airport or approach frequency as opposed to a high altitude center. Airline communications on a busy frequency are usually limited to headings, altitudes, and frequencies. A less busy frequency would be more varied communications for your listening pleasure.

Though something like NORCAL approach would be interesting too:

Thanks, NORCAL approach sounds great… i hope after some days i got a hold of it…

Not sure about learning from everyone else’s bad habbits. Weren’t you taking a video course or reading a book? Otherwise, tell 'em who you are, where you are and what you want.

Yeah, i already done like 10 times the 850 questions i have here, i have seen the king dvd’s and the jeppesen dvd’s i guess by now i’m kinda ready!

It’s just that USA people talk very fast on the radio and use non-standard FAA sentences somethimes.