NE Florida Radar Service not connected?


I frequently fly out of Craig (KCRG) in Jacksonville, FL and notice that the radar service for every arriving and departing flight, particularly to the north / northeast, is dropped off. Is there a reason for this. Is the JAX approach control radar not synced with flightaware? Most arrivals drop off the scope right on the Florida/Georgia border. What’s going on?


You’re viewing the 800x600 pop-up “big” map of the KCRG airport and when flights fly to the northeast, they disappear? What happens when you try to track that particular identification?


I have noticed the same problem, esp. flights passing through the Jacksonville Approach control area. Seems to be a problem for low-altitude flights (<10000). Find any flight between Jax area (e.g. CRG, SGJ) to central or SW Florida (SPG, VNC, FMY)…for example N79459 departed 11/25 9:23am ET


It could be due to poor radar coverage in that area. I notice this frequently for flights over eastern CO. Get 75-100 miles outside Denver and below 9-10K and ATC will advise you that “radar contact is lost”. Makes sense that if ATC radar can’t track you, there is no way for your position data to be fed to services such as FlightAware. I flew a lot in FL, but that was over six years ago and I don’t recall if the area you are talking about had/has 100% radar coverage.


I just noticed this while tracking N337KC bound for KGNV. the last tracking data shown is the aircraft descending from 10,800. Interesting.