Flights between KPDK and KCLT

I’ve noticed over the past several months, that almost all flights between KPDK and KCLT stop being tracked near Greer, SC. As an example, look at N165A. At first, I assumed this was a temporary issue and would soon pass. However, it now seems very consistent. Any ideas? :question:

IFR was canceled at that point or flight was handed off to local tower/CTAF are a couple of the common reasons in the past…don’t worry, if I am wrong, the FA gurus will correct me.

I would say the track stops where the plane was handed off from the enroute controller to the local controller at KCLT or visa versa.

You will also see dropped tracks enroute if a pilot request a deviation from a filed flight plan, such as for a change in flight level because of turbulence.

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Thank you for the quick reply. I didn’t cancel IFR, (never do between those two cities), and it’s too far out to be turned over to tower. Plus, it happens on inbound and outbound to CLT. Seems to be something at the handoff between Greer approach and CLT approach/departure. Very strange.

FA receives all its info from FAA and NAV Canada. Sometimes the information from local controllers does make its way through the system or is not sent at all. Happens at certain centers.


Is there a difference in how the data is handled if the flight is flying either a DP or a STAR? I may try to file no-STAR next time and see what happens.

Just from my point of view, I don’t think there is a difference. The local controllers at KCLT have a system that they think works best for them. You see variation in how information is handed from place to place.

Flights into Tampa have this same issue.

You could vary your departure / arrivial procedures, but ultimately, you are dealing with the same people.

Thanks for the information/education.

pika and lancasterperch pretty much nailed it.

Our data comes from the national level systems, and sometimes we won’t receive information when you’re being handled by anyone ‘less’ than center.