Tracking aircraft in JAX Airspace

How come seemingly every aircraft that is under JAX approach control is not tracked minute by minute with a track log and the aircraft does not show up with a green tail of where it’s been on the map? I notice this specifically for aircraft going into and out of GNV, and it is especially notable for aircraft making short hops within JAX’s airspace to and from GNV.

Hopefully this isn’t a repeat question. Thanks for reading.

We’ve observed a similar problem with Houston’s airspace, where the data from the local air traffic radar sites doesn’t make it to the national system that we pull our data from. We don’t know what causes it or how to fix it.

I’ve noticed something like that for the airspace around SLC and ABQ. I see the flights and tracks going to and from the area, but they disappear within a few miles of those airports. I was thinking there was no radar coverage near the ground there. It may be true for Center’s radar, but airports like those should have local radar. It may be the same kind of situation you guys noticed with JAX & Houston.