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NBAA Working With FAA to Ensure ADS-B Flight-Tracking Opt-Out Continues


"“Everyone agrees that a person shouldn’t need to give up his or her security when boarding an airplane,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. “We remain committed to working with the FAA and others to ensure that operators are given an ability to opt out from having their flights tracked in real time, basically by anyone, anywhere in the world, who happens to have the appropriate equipment for doing so, and whose intentions may be unknown.”

Ridiculous! Entitlement mentality! So they don’t want to be tracked, for “safety” reasons, but the rest of us, peasants flying commercially, we are fine to be tracked. Because we don’t matter as much as the NBAA.

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There is a huge difference between using public/commercial and private/charter flights. When in public there is no expectation of privacy. Not so with charter flights. Keeping the hoi palloi uninformed by maintaining secrecy is an issue that businesses confront daily.

I recall a case where tracking a company’s jet revealed an expansion location. The resulting publicity killed the deal.

Why is that the regular “public” has different expectations of privacy? Difference it’s just money!
That’s what I call hypocritical thinking.

Every person has a different expectation of privacy. Money is not the primary concern. IMO celebrities want privacy, not because of money. They do not like being accosted by the press.

I’m a middle class retired guy living on a pension. Others do not have a need to know who I am, where I go or what my activities are. I guard my privacy 7/24. Even my email and IP addresses are anonymous and changed periodically. My browser of choice is TOR.