NBAA Commends FAA for New Measures to Preserve Aviation Privacy, Security

Many aircraft may not longer be identified.

Where is the temporary ICAO address inserted? I’m assuming the ADS-B aircraft transmitter is still broadcasting the real data (not the temp ICAO address) and the businesses receiving the ADS-B data will be required to make the swap to the temp ICAO address, correct?

No, this is about reprogramming the 24 bit ICAO address in the transponder.
Otherwise this would be quite useless as FR24/FA and all commercial operations i’m aware of honor the “no track” lists anyway. (Not sure if you can still buy the complete data though)

Thanks - that makes more sense. I’m guessing the reprogramming will be through a certified repair shop otherwise aircraft owners could change it to anything they wanted. One article I read mentioned the temp ICAO address may eventually be able to be changed as often as every 20 days - for those owners, their re-fueling request will include a ICAO address swap while they’re waiting :slight_smile:

The transponder will transmit a different ICAO every six weeks. That is the whole purpose of the program, to make the owners invisible and unidentifiable by people who can receive ADS–B signals. It seems like the program is intended for owners of business jets, private aircraft, flying clubs, etc.

I don’t know how this will affect commercial airlines and other commercial flights.
I don’t have a good understanding of how piaware works, but it could create real problems for tracking any aircraft.

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That’s smart and will eliminate visits to the repair shop to update the ICAO address.

Regarding commercial flights, my understanding is that their ICAO addresses won’t change.

Yeah they’re not concerned about peasants flying commercial.

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Why should the public flying commercial be concerned about someone identifying aircraft there flying?

Why would be anyone else? Like a team of self obsessed overpaid individuals that play a game? What safety are we afraid if that FAA needed to intervene? Ground to air missiles from the adverse team?

I don’t know why they requested this new system for privacy. I can only guess at their motive. Perhaps they don’t want stockholders to know they are flying around the country in a multimillion dollar aircraft?

Maybe they are concerned they might be seen at times considered outside of business hours flying in a plane that belongs to a business. Posting the article was not meant to gain sympathy.

It was meant to enlighten people enjoy tracking flights (myself included) that some flights will no longer be identifiable.

If you read the article you will see that the National Business Aviation Association, an organization likely consisting of businesses that represent persons or companies that own airplanes, Is likely the main motivator for change.

Their motives for this change are also stated in the article.

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I don’t have anything against your post, it’s good information.
I was just venting against the entitlement and corruption that this special FAA ruling shows. They have solved every other problem and the only thing left was the privacy of multi-millionaires. I don’t even care to track them… Like when some ppl track the attendance of a climate conference and sees that every one of the big names flyes a private jet there.
I apologise.

After reading the FAA process for requesting a temp ICAO address, I don’t think the temp ICAO changes automatically …

"Upon receiving the assigned PIA, the requester has 30 calendar days to program his/her ADS-B transponder to the assigned PIA, fly in ADS-B coverage airspace, and complete the verification process via the website.

Once the FAA acknowledges that the verification process is complete and validates that the reprogrammed ADS-B transponder is emitting the correct PIA, the requester will receive a final confirmation via email."

There’s no mention of the PIA auto-changing every 6 weeks.

Right, there’s no automation here, it’s basically just “give me a Mode S address that’s not tied to a tail number”. Then the aircraft is permitted to use either the original assigned Mode S address or the temporary Mode S address; it’s up to the operator to work out how to update the avionics to actually do that.

Some transponders will let you change the address fairly trivially, not much more work than setting a callsign, but many are programmed by pin-strapping or DIP switches etc which is much more involved. Also a change in PIA requires re-verification, AIUI, which is a hassle. So I think it remains to be seen how frequently the privacy addresses actually get used or changed.

It’s also worth noting that you’re not permitted to use a PIA for international flights.

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Crowdsourced translation table?

Like everything else in life, probably the people that are interested in tracking will be willing to pay for the info. Someone will leak the correspondence table.
Nothing new…

Even simpler. Plane spotters will correlate the two, and the new “privacy-enhanced” identifiers won’t matter.